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Fill your freezer with POCKET-BOOK-FRIENDLY and tasty GRASS-FINISHED BEEF!

Grass Finished Beef and Lamb

Health Benefits of Grass Finished Beef:
•Supports Healthy Blood Sugar Levels
•Contains Electrolytes
•Contains More Healthy Fats
•Contains Less Bacteria
•Decreases Your Risk of Heart Disease
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How Much Does the Meat Cost?
Our beef is available by the whole, half, or quarter (split half).
The cost of your beef will be based on “live weight.” Live weight is what the animal weighs at the time it is taken to the processor. Live weights are typically around 1,150-1,300 lbs for our grass-finished animals. Our price for 2023 is $2.35 / lb live weight.

When comparing this purchase price of our grass finished beef to regular beef you buy at your supermarket or butcher’s counter, you can figure that your grass finished meat completely cut and wrapped will cost about $7.42 per lb. Of course, different cuts of beef are more preciously priced at your grocery story (i.e. ground burger vs. prime rib) and grass finished beef at most butcher counters can cost between $10.00 for ground beef to $23.00/lb for a ribeye. (National Monthly Grass Fed Beef Report)

How Much Actual Meat Do I Get?
A whole animal produces between 450-550 pounds of usable processed meat.
Quarter (split half): 110-140 pounds
Half: 220-280 pounds
Full: 450-550 pounds

Tongue to Tail?
We strongly encourage our customers to request and utilize everything they can from the processor. You are paying for the whole animal (or half/quarter) and you should get your money’s worth! So ask the butcher to include the dog bones, soup bones, & organ meats in your order. Grass finished animals are high in “good” Omega’s and those soup bones will make healthy soups and stews all winter long.

How Much Freezer Space Do I Need?
Quarter (split half) 5-8 cubic feet
Half 10-16 cubic feet
Full 20-32 cubic feet
To visualize 8 cubic feet, imagine a box that is 2' x 2' x 2'. A box that is 3' x 3' x 3' is 27 cubic feet.

How Much are Processing Fees & When do I Pick up the Meat?
Processing will begin in late August and completed approximately mid/late September. Once your animal has been processed, weighed, and packaged, you'll be notified to come pick it up at the processors, Lower Valley Processing in Kalispell. You will be responsible for paying the processing fees at the time you pick up your meat. Fees for a whole animal are $140.00 + $0.95/lb for cutting and packaging the meat. I can assist you with your cutting order as you need, though the staff at Lower Valley are very helpful. Remember that you are purchasing a whole animal (or half or quarter) and we encourage you to ask for any parts of it that you can utilize; this includes dog bones, ox tail, soup bones, organ meats, etc.
Lower Valley Processing Co. Website
2115 Lower Valley Rd, Kalispell, MT. Phone: 406-752-2846

We require a deposit to reserve your order, with the full amount due before pickup. Deposits are due at the time you place your order. Orders are not held until the deposit is made.

Deposit amounts:
•Quarter (split half) beef deposit: $200
•Half beef deposit: $300
•Full beef deposit: $500

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Please contact Amy Driggs if you should have any questions:
Phone: 208-310-6664, Email: adriggs@graceyourplate.com